Welcome to the Sounds section. This is the music I make.

First, have a look at the "Equipment" section for the gear I use (i.e. where the noise comes from). All these sound clips have been played and recorded by me, in my personal small recording studio.

  • The tracks are all well known covers, except for "Pure tone!", "Aperitif on the lagoon" and "Sunrise". 
  • Every song has indicated the gear I used to record it. The last ones have been recorded using digital modellers which I no longer have, while the first ones were recorded using the vintage amps (and sound great!).
  • "Aperitif on the lagoon" is an original, full-length song recorded with the Fly Deluxe and POD X3 Pro (which I no longer own). The Mojo does a guest appereance in the second half of the solo.
  • "Pure tone" is an original, full-length song recorded with the Fly Mojo, JMP-1 and Palmer. I recorded this to show that this preamp can nail vintage Marshall soudns to a certain extent.
  • "Sunrise" is an experiment made with Mojo's piezo and magnetic pickups mixed, recorded direct (no amp) to desk, with FX added.
  • Tracks  since "Goose's Death" features the VOX AC30 CC2X amp and the Boss  GT-10 (which I no longer own).

Please note that no acoustic guitars have ever been used, but the Fly's piezo only.
I also added some synths or keyboards here and there.

Enjoy :)

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