Here is the photo room and description of my gear:

Guitar2008 Parker Fly Mojo, in custom Pearl White colour, with custom rewound Fralin pickups ("Flyzed" 50s PAF specs). My main and favourite eletric guitar. Thanks to its piezo, it can sound very close to an acoustic too (check it out at the SOUNDS page).
Equipped with Parker vibrato and Sperzel tuners for perfect tuning stability. Carbon-fibre fretboard and Stainless Steel frets: simply the best.
Perfect for every rock tune.
95 Deluxe1995 Parker Fly Deluxe, Majik Blue colour.. This precious, "Eldy" (as I call it), non-refined Fly is an excellent companion and backup to the Mojo. It has a very different sound: brighter , softer,  funkier and happier. Perfect for Ambient and Chill-out music, and a Van Halen favourite too.

1993 Orville by Gibson LPR-59: a very rare Japanese "lawsuit" 1959 Les Paul  replica. Complete with long neck tenon, fret-edge binding, Gibson hardware (including Classic 57 pickups) and NOS PIO caps. The body is not weigh relieved and it weighs a mighty 4.5 kg.

(coming soon....)
1958 Pre-CBS Fender Stratocaster. An original (restored) Fender Strat, need to say more?
The tuners, bridge and electronics have been replaced by hand-made Callaham units - perfect clones of the originals, to ensure perfect functionality.
Vox AC302005 VOX AC30 Custom Classic CC2X with Celestion Blue Bulldog speakers (2 x 12''). The best-ever amplifier in its latest reissue: excellent smooth bass, juicy midrange and smooth highs.
It's been modded to TBX specs by Dave Petrsen on Jan 2010. Note: the speakers are the proper UK ones (H3S1777) and NOT the Chinese ones the amp came with.

1981 Marshall "metal panel" 1959 Superlead (100W): the last year of teh 2nd generation of Superleads. Qutie a rarity in the "JCM800" looks. A classic that ranges from Zeppelin to Hendrix, from Van Halen (when cranked) to The Who and more. It's VERY loud and it doesn't sound as it should before 6/7 on the volume.
Shown on top of the '69 basketweave.

1983 Marshall JCM800 2203 (100W): "the" rock amp par excellence. AC/DC at command. It just needs no introduction.

1997 Marshall JMP-1: the classic Mashall rack preamp, I use it for modern sounds.

Behringer EQ: an useful tool.

TC electronics G-Major: one of the most versatile and best sounding rack Fx unti available, despite the age.

1969 Marshall "basketweave" cabinet: the classic Baltic birch / pine cabinet, loaded with original Celestion "Pre-Rola" T1221 G12M Greenbacks (25W). This IS the old Hendrix, Page, Young etc... sound. Look no further.

2010 Laney CUB12. This 15W tube combo is my home amp, perfect for jamming with friends. It's very versatile (from clean to bluesy crunch, to "hot rodded" modern tones) and it also includes a 1W power scaling mode.
Palmer PDI-032010 Palmer PDI-03 Load Box Speaker simulator: as used by famous guitarists (such as Satriani, Richards and Van Halen), the way to get a professional recorded or live tone from tube guitar amps without having to use a miked cabinet!

1981 BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive. A rare SD-1 from the very early production lot. The real thing! Perfect for boosting the Marshalls into a classic 80s/ 90s hard rock / metal tone.

2010 Blackstar HT-Boost. This pedal uses a valve driven at high voltage to add two extra hot gain stages in front of your amp. It really delivers a lot of gain, actually too much for my taste. It sounds VERY dynamic and it's excellent for solo boosts.
VOX AC-12001? VOX AC-1: sweet microamp! Good for bedroom pratice and visually stunning! The smallest brother of the VOX family. A true collector's piece.

plus: Samson Wireless Jack,  Shure SM57 and SM58 microphones, and more

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