Hi, I'm Marco Pregnolato, an Italian guitarist and graduated in Biomedical engineering (Master Degree), born 27 August 1985, nicknamed "Pregno Splatter".

I've been musically active since the age of 6 years old, where I  picked up my first classical guitar.
My dad bought me my first SG guitar when I was 11... then I went on studying and playing...

In the years, I tried a lot of guitars, amps and stuff... I think that the best amps for pop and rock sounds are definitely the VOX Ac30s, as used by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Brian May (Queen), The Edge (U2), Pearl Jam, The Killers  and others.
For more classic, hard and blues sounds, nothing beats vintage Marshalls (and not the modern reissues).

Regarding the guitar, the Parker Fly is the best built and most techonlogic guitar the world has ever seen, made of carbon-fibre and wood with Stainless-Steel frets, no other one just matches.
For effects, for sure rack or floor-based FX processors are my choice, brighter and far less messy than compact stomp-box pedals. More professional all around.

Here's a summary of  my musical experiences:

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